Sean Ray Ivins
Project Management Experience

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Project Management
Rebranding Case Study

CA Engineering


2019 - 2021

Case Study Highlights:


New partnerships and opportunities and an unprecedented Microsoft marketing outcome


A Bit About The Project:

CA Engineering is a wireless development engineering company based in Draper, Utah. They needed help with updating their website to resonate with Fortune 100 companies worldwide. Their goal is to grow from a 10 Million-dollar company to a 100 Million-dollar company. 

To identify tasks, Sean met with team members to identify necessary tasks. Then, he defined each task in 2-3 sentences, and determined dependencies. Using the Agile framework, his project management style enables ongoing communications and updates. As a certified-Project Management Professional, Sean used official PMP templates as a guideline.

It was clear a new website was a clear task. Within that task included nearly one hundred sub-tasks. See results below:


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Rebrand & Website Redesign:

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CAE Project Summary Overview Document:

A Bit About Sean's Role

Sean serves as the sole Project Manager of Communications for CA Engineering. His responsibilities include:

identifying tasks, project scheduling, budgeting, subcontractor management, content creation, web design, social media management, video creation, strategy, and more.​ He effectively works with team members from every department from interns to engineering to the executive board.


Sean expertly managed the CA Engineering project, working directly with Microsoft Marketing to create a co-branding marketing sales production.

Project: Create a Microsoft - CA Engineering Co-branded Sales Sheet (Q2 2021)


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Determining Tasks, Constraints, and Risks

During planning, Sean identified the constraint and alerted CA Engineering. The team coordinated with Microsoft headquarters and arranged a unique opportunity to work with the official Microsoft Marketing Team to create co-branded sales materials. Microsoft co-branding logos is very strict and CA Engineering lacked specific authorization to co-brand.​

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Sean managed the planning, executing, monitoring, and closing phases of the project. Communicated daily between Microsoft Marketing team and CA Engineering executive team to create cohesive sales content. Included several revisions, change requests, etc.

Unprecedented Project Outcome:
Microsoft-approved Cobranded Sales Sheet


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